Governance is key to high performing organisations, however it is rarely supported.  Our governance support makes the best use of governor and trustees time, and provides them with the insight that they need to make an impact.  We use our award-winning products, training and bespoke support to help them to be more effective in their role.

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Schools - Governors and Directors

A school cannot be outstanding with poor governance. Therefore Governance is hugely important, and with the right advice, training and support governors can add real value to outcomes for children.

What we do:

We provide services that have been proven to challenge and make you think differently about how you can improve your governance. Our products include:

  • Shaping Governance®
  • External Reviews of Governance
  • Unique Training Programmes - see Governor Training section
  • Bespoke training to meet your development needs - use the link below to find out what this includes.

"Su’s vast knowledge of governance, her patience and sensitivity and her understanding of our school were key drivers in improving our governance. In six months, we have managed to address some of the key issues which we have wrestled with for years."

Charities - Trustees

Good governance in charities is central to their success. It provides the framework for effective working and in ensuring compliance with the law. It sets the culture in working towards fulfilling the charity’s vision.

What we do:

We provide a range of services to help trustees to learn, share, and improve their governing practice and how they work together as a team, including:

  • Shaping Governance®
  • External Reviews of Governance
  • Trustee skills audits
  • Staying above the line; being strategic
  • Bespoke training to meet the needs to your board, use the link below to find out what this includes

"Su has an outstanding reputation in governance playing a key strategic role in enabling effective partnerships and positive outcomes. She is dynamic in her approach, working at the cutting edge of thinking at a regional and national level."

Public Services - Non-Executives and Elected Councillors

Public interest in services is at an all time high, and services are required to reach out to the public to provide the best possible services. Being open to scrutiny and challenge is an essential part of building public trust.

What we do:

We provide support to councils and NHS organisations to ensure that their governance is robust and provides assurance that services are effective in delivering public need.

  • Safeguarding children: effective scrutiny and challenge
  • Practical Corporate Parenting and championing the child
  • Developing governance and assurance of children’s services
  • Exploring alternative delivery models for Children’s Services;
  • Patient and public involvement
  • Local leadership in children’s mental health services

"The training enabled members to explore ideas on how to improve their effectiveness. Through a combination of group discussions, tailored activities backed up by a set of comprehensive and informative training materials the Committee were able to challenge their perceptions of the key issues and determine lasting techniques to achieve improved outcomes for service users through robust scrutiny”

What makes us different?

Insight to Impact uses appreciative and nurturing approaches to understand what works well and how to make it more common place. Our services are driven by your needs as an organisation, and we can provide personalised support.   We prefer to build relationships and partnership with clients, and most of our support is to whole boards - maximising learning, sharing and improvements