Shaping Governance®

What is Shaping Governance®?

Shaping Governance® is our twice award-winning governance improvement toolkit, that makes an immediate improvement to governance in a school. It's highly interactive; ensuring that all Governors get a chance to learn, contribute and enhance their effectiveness.

Education changes, and there is a need for Governors and Senior Leaders to regularly reflect to ensure that governance is fit for purpose and that it makes an impact on children's education.


There are many tools for evaluating the effectiveness of governance.  External Reviews of Governance are popular, but expensive.  Shaping Governance® is a blend of evaluation, training and improvement planning, supporting all Governors for a fraction of the cost of an External Review.


How does Shaping Governance improve governance?

Shaping Governance® sessions support Governors and Senior Leaders to work together to:


  • Improve teamwork within the Board and across the school;

  • Enhance knowledge of all Governors - on their roles and responsibilities and also their school;

  • Help their board to adopt a learning culture using the Shaping Governance® tool;

  • Be sighted on the improvements needed and create their own improvement plan, embedding this for the future;

  • Prepare for Ofsted inspections - by auditing how governance works, how it supports and how it challenges the school.


It helps Boards to explore and learn about areas of governance that are often overlooked, such as workload and wellbeing, the curriculum and how they get to know what they don't know!

The Shaping Governance® technique has the added benefit of ensuring that Governors address the 16 competencies in the Government's Competency Framework.

New Ofsted Framework ready!

Why use Shaping Governance®

Shaping Governance® was created by our Founder and Director, Su Turner, a highly experience and respected National Leader of Governance.


It was created with schools to ensure that it was effective and impactful; and that it maximised the use of time for hard working governors and senior leaders. Since its launch, the now twice award-winning Shaping Governance® has been delivered to 100’s of school governors, and has received a solid 5 ‘Diamond’ rating from its users; with Governors and Headteachers citing its simplicity and effectiveness as key outputs.

It support and improves whole governing teams - so everyone gets to learn, share and improve for one low-cost session!

New for 2019

  • Shaping Governance® in Multi-Academy Trusts - a single facilitated session that supports the trust and up to 5 schools to review and improve.

  • Shaping Governance with SIAMS - for Church of England School wishing to take a holistic view of governance of the school for Ofsted and SIAMS.


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