Shaping Governance® has proven so effective, we have developed different versions for different boards.  Shaping Healthy Governance was born out of our experience supporting boards in the health and care sector to review and improve how they govern.

How does Shaping Governance improve governance?

Shaping Governance® sessions support Board Members and Executives to work together to:

  • Get to understand the CQC inspection framework and how they can improve their assurance that services are safe, effective and demand led;

  • Improve teamwork within the Board;

  • Enhance knowledge of roles, responsibilities and the organisation itself;

  • Help the Board to adopt a learning culture using the Shaping Governance® tool;

  • Make better patient-centred decisions; 

  • Be sighted on the improvements needed and create their own improvement plan.

The Shaping Governance® technique is strength-based, and uses a mix of learning, sharing and improving in one session (usually around 2 hours in length).  Providing the valuable space outside of 'board meetings' that Boards need to be effective.

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“Shaping Governance provided a logical framework to help our

Non-Executives to get to know the organisation and improve their governance and impact"



Why use Shaping Governance®

Shaping Governance® was created by our Founder and Director, Su Turner, a highly experienced governance expert and Non-executive Director.  She explains why Shaping Governance is different:

"Boards don't often get to chance to review their understanding and practice, as time is spent in meetings and working through heavy agendas.   I created Shaping Governance to provide a short, but effective framework for helping Boards to understand nine important areas of the organisation and how they get assurance that their services are safe, effective and demand led, and that the organisation is performing well.

It's not a tick-box exercise, it's a strengths-based, inclusive activity that helps to get the best our of Boards"