T is for Transparency - clarity from planning

In November, Insight to Impact created and launched its S.T.R.A.T.E.G.I.C Governance Think-list as a simple, but effective way of helping governors to stay in the ‘strategic’ zone, and not be tempted or drawn into delving below the line into operational matters.

December, focuses on the second letter - T for Transparency. Transparency is about clarity - clarity on the ‘what, why, how, when, and who.

Earlier this month, we explored tips for building firm foundations to your governance. Relationships, terms of reference and schemes of delegation all can create clarity, and help governors to understand their role and remit; leading to more effective and impactful governance.

New Year is a time for reflection and when we all take stock of how we work both personally and in our professional or volunteering lives. I know I create a plan, and also love to challenge myself with setting the odd Resolution to two. So, having a clear plan for the year ahead can help governors to:

  • Get the most of our every governing meeting;

  • Ensure everything get’s done;

  • Create better teamwork; improving outcomes for the school and its children.

So, do you know what you need to talk about across the year? What decisions need making and by when?

There are many school year planners on the internet, that provide a good start for your planning; however every school is different, and these planners do not necessarily cover everything that you need to talk about in your school. You may be undertaking capital works, or considering moving to become an academy; or you may need to work more intensely as governing board to overcome any challenges that you have - so planning is essential; and the beauty of planning in January for the year ahead, is that it obviously straddles two years.

Here are just a few ideas / thoughts for you to consider:

  • Follow the guidance from my second blog, and declutter your agenda - to make space for the important things that you need to discuss:

  • Produce a timeline for the items that you need to discuss and plan what needs to be done, by when and by whom;

  • Set yourselves ambitious but realistic goals and timescales for achieving them;

  • Take a look at Blog three, and how you can bring in different dimensions to your meetings to bring variety and focus;

Next month, i’ll begin to explore the third letter, R for Resourcefulness - and focusing on creativity and working well with what you have.

For now though, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2019 brings you good health, good outcomes and good governance.

Hope to see you in 2019.