Local leadership is vital for better children's mental health services

World Mental Health Day, a day where the world focus their attention on mental health and wellbeing, and in particular the wellbeing of young people. Whilst the focus of this day is helpful in raising the profile, for many, mental health is a daily challenge where help and support is needed, but not often provided.

Today, Insight to Impact Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce the publication of a resource for local councils and their partners and how they can provide better leadership of children’s mental health services in their areas. Local Leadership and Accountability, For Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Services written by Su Turner, our Director, on behalf of the Local Government Association, highlights the amazing things that can be achieved when local leaders work together.

The driving force behind the publication was to define the role and contribution that councils and their partners can make in addressing local mental health issues; through strong leadership, accountability, challenge and involvement.

The report looks into the rising struggles that many young people have with anxiety, depression and self-harm. It takes account of the situation at large and the services required to support young people who require help.

From the perspective of the organisation, Su’s research also details the funding pressures that Government are experiencing and the challenges that organisations face with early intervention and prevention. Calling for funding for children’s mental health services to be prioritised and cuts to the early intervention grant to be reversed.

The publication provides a well rounded and practical view on the current emphasis placed on children’s mental health and wellbeing, and insight into how actions, processes and attitudes can be improved in order to provide a better, more efficient service; all within the realms of current service provision.

Su commented “I work closely with governors, local councils and young people in my career and feel impassioned to share the knowledge that I have gathered over the time of my research. There are many steps that local councils and their partners can take to improve the offering available to children and young people in need of mental health support and I hope that they find this publication useful; I have provided information on the practical steps that they can take - including a ‘Think-list’ helping local leaders to innovate.

It’s great that the publication is part of the Local Government Association’s campaign, and hope we find a way forward to help and support children and young people with mental health and wellbeing needs, in order to give them a springboard into a brighter future.”

The report also details a number of case studies, providing real-time insight into service providers who have provided detailed insight into their ‘good practice’ of mental health and wellbeing services.

Su’s publication, ‘Local Leadership and Accountability, For Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Services’ provides an essential toolkit for individuals and organisations providing help and support into the lives of young people.

By following the guidance and familiarising themselves with the case studies, readers will be better equipped to provide a brighter future for those who need support.

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