We can help you to improve the impact of your organisation’s governance through supporting you to enhance its effectiveness and the contribution of your governors, trustees, and non-executives.


We much prefer being a ‘glass half full’ as opposed to a’ glass half empty’, and we adopt this nurturing and appreciative approach to all of our work.  Governors and trustees give their time to undertake quite complex and difficult tasks, and we want to make sure that they have the skills that they need to do it properly.  But we’re not a push over, and we challenge where challenge is due.  We use our insight from governance across the sectors in and around England to bring out the best in your governance.


We also prefer to work with whole teams of governors or trustees, as building strong team working underpins effective governance.


More details of the support that we provide can be found using the links below.  Remember, we work across many sectors, including school, charities, local councils, the NHS and other publicly funded organisations.

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