Getting the best start in your governance journey, whether that be as a new Governor or new Chair is important.  Having a clear understand of responsibilities and expectations is the first step in being effective. 

New Governor Induction

Let us take the strain out of inducting new governors into your school and governing board.  Our Induction services are tailored to your school, and will provide new governors with not only better insight into how you govern, but also provide a valuable external perspective - helping you to learn from best practice.

Parent or Staff Governor Induction
Being a Parent or Staff Governor can be challenging; balancing the hats of being a parent / teacher with that of being a governor.
Our experience and how we explain the very unique roles of these two types of governors has been appreciated, and described as 'the most helpful and insightful explanation since becoming a governor.
Let us help your Parent and Staff Governors to understand their roles and bring additionally to the Board.
Chair Induction

Becoming a Chair of Governors for the first time, can be a daunting experience.  Getting to understand what you should do and when, and how you can motivate your governors to improve governance and the school can be a battle.


There are many Induction training courses for taking the Chair, but ours is different.  Se blend our Coaching and Appreciative Inquiry skills to work with you to learn from the best and develop your own style.


What makes us different?

Insight to Impact uses appreciative and nurturing approaches to understand what works well and how to make it more common place. Our services are driven by your needs as an organisation, and we can provide personalised support.   We prefer to build relationships and partnership with clients, and most of our support is to whole boards - maximising learning, sharing and improvements

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