What is a Corporate Parent?

When a child goes into care, the Council becomes the Corporate Parent. This means taking collective responsibility (council, councillors, employees, and partner agencies) for providing the best possible care and safeguarding for the children who are looked after by the council.  Being a Corporate Parent has to be one of the most important roles for a local councillor.

So getting Corporate Parenting right is essential. But it’s essential for all councillors not just those with more targeted responsibilities such as the Cabinet Member or members of the Corporate Parenting Board.

How we help

We support Councillors and Corporate Parenting Boards to understand how they can be an effective corporate parent.  Our focus is on helping them to navigate the role and how this can be applied to the many 'hats' a Councillors has; helping to identify the practical actions they can take.

We have devised a programme that works with all Councillors, whether they are executive or backbench.  Our approach helps Councillors to be curious about services and outcomes for children in care,  and improves the effectiveness of their role as a corporate parent; by asking - is it good enough for my child?

Who we have worked with

We are a leading governance improvement organisation, and have worked with councils and the Local Government Association to help councillors to understand their responsibilities as corporate parents and how they can discharge these effectively.  Our Founder and Director Su Turner, has supported many councils to improve their corporate parenting practice.  Whether this be a County Council, District Council or partnerships - helping councillors to understand 'how' they can be effective corporate parents has been a key factor of our support.


Our Partners

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