Behind our new Tropic Skin Care business

New website coming - but wanted to tell you our story behind setting up a Tropic Business.

About nine months ago, I realised that I needed to change my skin care regime.  I am at that age, and wanted to find something that was good for me as well as good for my skin - probably should have started years ago - but who has time!

I also had a rude awakening - scary actually, when I downloaded the App, Think Dirty - which 'helpfully' highlighted the poisons that can hide in our everyday cosmetics, cosmetics that claim to be good for you, are actually really bad.

I found Tropic, and whilst it was more expensive than the other brands that I used to use, I thought I would give it a go; and I am so glad I did.

I've tried many of the products; facial care, body lotion, soap, sun cream, lip balm ... still lots more to try - but i'm working through them.  I haven't found one that I don't like yet!

Hannah is also getting to the age when she wants to take care of her skin, so at Christmas, I decided to buy her the Tropic Skin Collection - well she kept pinching mine, so she might as well have her own.  I wanted to make sure that Hannah didn't expose herself to the crap that I had been putting on my face.  I went for the range with Blue Lagoon in, as this fights blemishes - something that a 12 year old girl gets.

She was so excited to have a full set.  She started to make TikTok videos of her routine


One day recently, Hannah was reading the Tropic Brochure, and wanted to become a Tropic Ambassador.  Sadly at the age of 12 this isn't really possible - so she worked on me! Until I 

You have to feel sorry for the blokes in our house! Two determined strong minded ladies - both going through the change. 

Whilst I would love to be as young as Hannah, that ain't gonna happen.  But...


About nine months ago, I started to have skin challenges.


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